What We Do

At Stewart & Jasper, we are completely vertically integrated. This means we control the product all the way from the farms where our almonds are grown to the delivery of our almonds around the world. This control over everything from growing to hulling to shelling to processing to packing and to shipping allows us to provide the highest levels of quality and service to our customers.

Since planting our first orchards back in the 1950’s, we have watched the rapid growth of almond production throughout the state of California as worldwide demand has grown. Today we are marketing a crop that is more than five times as large as when we first began to process and market the Stewart & Jasper brand. Despite this exponential growth and the dynamic market landscape for California almonds, we remain committed to preserving the values, wisdom and hope upon which we were founded. Our success is clearly due to our amazing team and our unwavering focus on hard work, integrity, long-term relationships and innovation.  We are confident that these same qualities, traits, and vision cast by our founders, are still evident today at Stewart & Jasper, and will propel the company forward as we continue to grow and advance in the industry.