Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds
Located in the Central Valley of California, at Stewart & Jasper, we have the ideal water, soil and climate to grow almonds. Our winters are cool, allowing our almond trees to go dormant. Our spring and summer are dry enough ... READ MORE >
As the crop develops through the spring and into the summer, we harvest green almonds, a seasonal delicacy that features the nut in its gelatinous state and is often featured as a cooking ingredient or a garnish by celebrity chefs and private connoisseurs ... READ MORE >
After the almonds are harvested and placed in our bank-out wagons, they are transferred to our hulling and shelling facility. Our Stewart & Jasper, hulling and shelling operation features two complete hulling and shelling plants ... READ MORE >
Once they are through hulling and shelling our almonds are ready to be processed. Processing includes sizing, grading and packaging and can also include flavoring and roasting - all done to fulfill customer orders ... READ MORE >
At Stewart & Jasper, we are committed to exceeding our customer’s needs. We do this by aligning the right customer with the right product and by making sure our products are of the highest quality possible. One example of our commitment to quality, happens during the ... READ MORE >
When it comes to our retail products, Stewart & Jasper distinguishes ourselves through product innovation and product quality. We enjoy watching consumer trends and meeting those trends with our delicious and healthy snacks. We also recognize the quality that comes from our ... READ MORE >