Zach Williams

What is your full name?
Zachary Thomas Williams

What is your role at Stewart & Jasper?
Senior Director of Marketing.  I am primarily in charge of the sale and marketing of our whole, natural almonds.  This includes, but is not limited to, gathering all relevant data and information on expected crop size, determining customer demands and volume requirements, determining appropriate market pricing,  maintaining existing programs and looking out for new worthwhile opportunities, selling in a manner that provides steady workflow for the rest of the operation, etc. 

What is your hometown?
Pataskala, Ohio

What is your favorite product that we make?
Vanilla Almond Butter

How long have you worked for Stewart & Jasper?
2.5 years

What jobs have you held during your time at Stewart & Jasper?
Senior Marketing Director

What’s your favorite thing about working at Stewart & Jasper?
The obvious care everyone has for the company and its reputation.  Everyone here is very proud to work for S&J, and it shows in a variety of ways. 

Why do you think Stewart & Jasper has been so successful? What has made you successful during your time here?
S&J has been so successful because of its constant effort to be the best.  We go well above and beyond what is required or expected as an industry standard, and this shows very clearly in our product. 

What do you do in your spare time?
Golf, Ski, Travel.