Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds

Located in the Central Valley of California, where the soil and climate is ideal to grow almonds, Stewart & Jasper has enjoyed some of the best growing conditions available . Our winters are cool, allowing our almond trees to go dormant.  Our spring and summer are dry enough that our blossoms don’t rot.  It is this perfect combination of elements that allows us to grow such a beautiful almond.

Today, Stewart & Jasper manages over 2,000 acres of our own almond orchards. Experienced orchard management from our own farming professionals provides oversight at every phase of growth.  Throughout the year, this excellent team is monitoring our trees and their growth.  Even the delicate and responsible handling of bees for the important role of pollination during bloom is an important step that is carefully managed by our farming team.

Maximum yields and superior quality start in the orchard where careful attention is given throughout the growing season. Each spring, anticipation builds as our trees prepare to exit their barren, dormant, winter season.  From the proper selection of almond varieties and complimentary rootstocks for new orchards to the selection of modern, water-saving irrigation systems, great attention is given to the development, care, and nurture of our orchards. As farmers, we have always been committed to sound agricultural practices.  We feel a strong obligation to be good stewards of the land, regardless of whether our orchard is certified as organic or farmed conventionally. This includes employing beneficial strategies for pest control, food safe fertilization, and the fine-tuning of our water use for conservation.  At Stewart & Jasper, we strive to ensure that of our farming practices are ecologically friendly and sustainable in every respect.