Our Beginning

Nowhere in California is the vast perspective of the San Joaquin Valley more vivid than on The West Side near Newman, home of Stewart & Jasper.

Since 1948, Stewart & Jasper has been immersed in California Agriculture. Its founders, Romain Stewart and Lee Jasper, recognized the potential of California almonds as a West Side crop in the mid-1950’s and planted their first of many orchards.

From a modest beginning, Stewart & Jasper gradually expanded and became an integrated operation involving thousands of acres – a leader in hulling, shelling, processing and marketing almonds through both wholesale and retail channels.

Our Present and Future

Today, Stewart & Jasper is steadfast in following the philosophy of its founders: Success and customer satisfaction are linked to effectively guiding every aspect of production from the orchard to the marketplace – literally from the ground up!

As Stewart & Jasper and the California almond industry move into the future, we note the rapid growth of almond production throughout the state and the challenge to market crops that are now five times as large as when we began to process and market Stewart & Jasper brand California Almonds. Despite such a dynamic market landscape, we are committed to preserving the values, wisdom, and hopes that have served us well since the company was founded. This includes the recognition that our success is only possible because of the commitment and services that were given by many dedicated members of the company and the loyalty, trust, and faith of our customers.