Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds

Once they are through hulling and shelling our almonds are ready to be processed. Processing includes sizing, grading and packaging and can also include flavoring and roasting – all done to meet our customer’s exacting specifications. 

At Stewart & Jasper, we depend heavily on technology to provide an uncompromising level of excellence in food safety and product quality. Laser sorters and state of the art imaging systems examine every nut. The first stage of processing is sizing, where we implement the first level of electronic sorting to identify and remove defects, imperfections and foreign material. Almonds then pass through a sizer which separates every nut into one of eight bins by size,  identifying every nut on a count-per-ounce basis.

Samples are drawn from every bin of nuts that we process and are taken to our own in-house laboratory for quality analysis. Each sample is analyzed and is the results are entered into a database for marketing, which we then use to perfectly match our inventory with our customer demands. Throughout processing, quality is continually checked to meet or exceed USDA standards.

After sizing, almonds pass through three more laser and optical sorters to detect and remove any remaining defects.  Hand sorting is used as a final step, to be certain that any imperfect almonds do not make it into the final product, and to ensure that we meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.

As an added service, steam pasteurization is available from an on-site facility providing an additional level of food safety, if requested or required.

Once processed, our almonds are packaged in a variety of containers, and always to order.  Every box,  bin or sack will reflect the Stewart & Jasper brand which is recognized and respected around the world.  Shipments are carefully prepared by our own product handling specialists who are accustomed to loading full containers or LTLs, according to customer requests and specifications. During every step of handling, from hulling and shelling all the way through to shipment, our dedicated team takes every necessary step to ensure efficiency, minimize waste, and preserve our precious environmental resources. Stewart & Jasper depends on a nearly 2 Megawatt Solar array to provide clean, renewable energy to our facility, and we are committed to responsible and sustainable farming and good manufacturing practices.