Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds

As the crop develops through the spring and into the summer, we harvest green almonds, a seasonal delicacy that features the nut in its gelatinous state.  These seasonal delicacies are often featured as a cooking ingredient or a garnish by celebrity chefs and private connoisseurs around the country.

Later in the summer, the almond crop is ready to be harvested. Still in their shells and protected by their open hulls, almonds are removed from the trees row by row using custom shakers.  After being allowed to dry to a desired moisture content, they are swept into wind rows where they await a harvester that will move down each row picking up the almonds and transferring them into bank-out wagons.  These bank-out shuttles deliver the almonds to large open-top, hopper-style trailers which will transport the nuts to our processing facility.

Since our founding in 1948, we have invested in technology to evolve and improve our processes. The mechanization of harvest is one example of this investment and it has increased our efficiency and our quality. This includes side-mounted shakers and orchard-floor sweepers and harvesters that are much more efficient and thorough at cleaning up the product as we are picking it up off the orchard floor. Our investments in innovation and technology have truly been investments in providing the highest quality product possible to our customers.