Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds Bowl with almonds

At Stewart & Jasper, we are committed to exceeding our customer’s needs. We do this by aligning the right customer with the right product and by making sure our products are of the highest quality possible. One example of our commitment to quality happens during the processing stage where we target half of the allowable defect tolerances for our customers. This means instead of trying to get as many defects into the box as we can, we are putting up the nicest box we possibly can in order to exceed our customer’s expectation. This kind of customer service is what makes us stand out and it’s why our customers come back to us year after year.

Today we export our almonds to many countries all over the world with our primary markets being  Japan, Korea, Canada, and Turkey as well as many countries in the EU such as Germany, France and the UK.

When it comes to our customers, we seek to be the best in service, communication, product quality, and on-time performance.  In fact, it is not only about the satisfaction of our customers and the perfection of our product, but about the way we see ourselves as well – still learning, still growing, still striving.  By investing in technology, remaining committed to continuous improvement and always extending gratitude to our dedicated employees, we will continue to provide the best products and highest level of service to almond users around the world.